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Since 1996
Family and artisan winery

family winery

Since 1997 varietal wines have been produced in a totally natural way.

In our winery 60,000 bottles are produced annually, with the same technology used by our ancestors: Love and Dedication 

– Pedro Martínez  


Family and artisan winery

since 1996

Viña el Cerno Winery is a great family. All complement each other and are necessary in order to transmit their own experiences to each of the visitors, we show them our wines, the product of the work that begins with the care of the vineyards, we also help them to understand their terroirs and to taste them, finding in each one of them his special message.


Since 1996

The building where it is located has infinities of stories to be told, since its construction, its doors carved in France and brought exclusively for it, there is always a historical fact to discover.


Opening to visitors

Visitas y Degustaciones

In 1998 we opened the doors to tourism because previously, we put into operation the old building that shelters more than 110 years of age on its walls. As recuperators of this cultural building we express our feelings when referring to this legendary drink "THE WINE IS LIVING, FEELS", Practically all our life we relate to him..

The characteristic exquisiteness of our wines is given by the characteristic that they are made without the presence of chemical products.

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